What’s Wrong With My Tree? Rot Diseases

Rots Can Affect Multiple Parts Of The Tree Rots are a series of diseases that can affect the root, stem, crown, and collar of a tree. They can be caused by fungi, bacteria, and soil-borne nematodes. Common rots include Rhizoctonia and Phytopthora. These fungi prefer drier and wetter soils, respectively, [...]

Why Do Trees Change Color In The Fall?

Autumn is here and that means we are eagerly waiting for the trees to change into those brilliant fall colors. In Missouri, road trips to see these beautiful reds, oranges, and purples are popular with locals and tourists alike. Up Next: The Best Trees To Plant For Fall Color In [...]

What Are These Brown & Black Spots On My Maple Leaves?

Unknown spots on our tree’s leaves can be a source of concern for the tree’s overall health. If your tree is experiencing brown and/or black spots on the leaves of your maple trees, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your tree is in trouble. Up Next: Tree Care 101: Preventive & [...]

What’s Wrong With My Tree? Hypoxylon Canker

Hypoxylon Canker Is A Fungus Hypoxylon canker is a disease caused by the fungus Entoleuca (Hypoxylon) mammatum. It enters a tree through wounds on branches or trunk and grows in the sapwood. Here, it will kill conductive tissue. When infected, trees can see rapid decline and can die in one [...]

What Is Wrong With My Tree? Bacterial Leaf Scorch On Pin Oaks

Bacterial Leaf Scorch Is A Bacterial Disease Bacterial leaf scorch is a systemic disease caused by the bacterium Xylella fastidiosa. It affects a variety of oaks, including pin, but can also affect other trees like red maple, elm, and sycamore. The disease is transmitted from tree to tree by feeding [...]