Leaf Feeding Insects: Will They Harm My Trees?

Insects are a natural part of our ecosystem and vital to its health. So if you come across them on your trees, there is often no reason to be concerned. Up Next: Recognizing, Treating, & Preventing Borer Infestations There are insects that naturally feed on tree leaves that you don’t [...]

Why You Need Winter Pest & Disease Prevention

Think preventative tree care to keep your trees safe from pests and disease is a chore waiting for Spring green-up? Think again. Up Next: Should You Treat Or Remove Your Ash Tree With EAB? Late winter is one of the best times to treat your trees with preventative treatments to [...]

Recognizing, Treating, & Preventing Borer Infestations

Borer infestations are a headache no tree owner wants to think about. Not only do these beetles threaten your trees and make them look unsightly, they can potentially spread and severely damage trees beyond your own. Learn more about two borer infestations we see here at Hansen’s and how you [...]

Hit ‘Em First: Pest Prevention During Winter Produces Healthier Trees Year Round

Your trees may be asleep in the winter, but you shouldn’t be. Along with prepping your trees for winter, you should also think about tackling the threat of pests early before they become a problem for both you and your trees. Winter is an excellent time to take preventive measures [...]

Should You Treat or Remove Your Ash Tree with EAB?

The Midwest currently faces a very real threat to a large portion of its public and private trees. An invasive and exotic pest known as Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) has already infested many ash trees and will soon infest all untreated ash if left untreated. EAB is a very serious [...]