Are You Looking For A Tree Removal Service In St. Louis?

If you have dead, diseased trees, failing to thrive due to their location, unstable and threatening to damage property or people, removing them from your property may be your best option. But removing trees isn’t always a simple task. Plus, removing trees safely takes more than a chainsaw and a [...]

Can you plant a tree where another was removed?

Be it from damage or disease, sometimes a tree needs to be removed. Dead and drying trees not only invite pests and diseases but can potentially fall and cause personal or property damage. After removing the tree, can you plant another tree where it was? You can, but it’s typically [...]

Your Downed Tree Removal Checklist

A huge storm just rolled through your area, leaving in its wake downed trees & power lines. What do you do to get your life back to “normal” as soon as possible, especially if a tree has fallen on your home or some power lines? Dealing with a fallen tree [...]

Merry Christmas From Hansen’s Tree Service!

Hansen’s Tree Service would like to give a happy holiday greeting and remind homeowners that adequately maintained trees could provide much-needed beauty and ongoing health benefits. Our certified arborists are here for all your tree care needs this time of year!

Can an HOA prevent tree removal on your property?

When it comes to living in a homeowner’s association (HOA), be aware of rules that may exist to guide homeowners to keep the neighborhood clean and uniform. Some of these rules may impact your ability to remove a tree that appears to be on your property. If a tree on [...]