What’s Wrong With My Tree? Salt Damage

Salt Damage In Trees Is Common In The Winter Salt damage to trees and shrubs in the winter is a common complaint among home and business owners in the winter. De-icing salts used extensively next to plants can damage or even kill them. Salt can reduce the vitality of trees [...]

What’s Wrong With My Tree? Sun Scald

Sun Scald Is A Change In The Tree Bark’s Temperature Also known as southwest injury, sun scald happens when there is a change in the tree bark’s temperature. Injury occurs when cold temperatures occur at night and when the sun rises in the morning, warming the southwest side of the [...]

3 Tips For Wrapping Your Trees For The Winter

The winter can be harsh on trees, as they are exposed and must survive in dry, cold temperatures. When winter approaches, it’s wise to take steps to protect your trees from damage to help ensure that they will be healthy for years to come. Sometimes, that means wrapping your trees [...]

4 Tips For Preventing Salt Damage In Your Trees This Winter

Applying de-icing salts is a common site in the winter, keeping our sidewalks, roads, and driveways free of ice and safe. But extensive use can damage trees close by, leading to their poor health. To prevent salt damage to your trees this winter, follow these four tips from Hansen’s Tree [...]

Do Anti-Desiccant Treatments Really Work?

As temperatures steadily lower in preparation for winter you may be thinking about potential damage to your broadleaf evergreens. Especially if they suffered from winter burn last year. Symptoms of winter burn in your evergreens may not be evident until the spring, when you will notice things like: