4 Tips For The Best Tree Fertilization Practices

When winter is over, and the snow has passed, fertilization can be a boon to your trees, especially if the surrounding soil lacks essential nutrients. Fertilization also helps trees ward off diseases and pests. Up Next: Why Soil Injected Fertilizer Is Worthwhile But fertilizing is more than just picking up [...]

4 Winter Tree Care Tips For Healthier Trees Year Round

The winter may be mild this year, but that doesn’t mean that you should stop thinking about your trees! Proper winter tree care sets your trees up for success, so be sure not to neglect them! Up Next: 3 Ways You May Unknowingly Be Harming Your Trees Here are 4 [...]

Oh, Snap! Protecting Young Trees From Cold Snaps

The days in St. Louis may have been unseasonably warm, but nights have shown to be getting progressively colder. When cold snaps happen, they can damage young, susceptible trees. Up Next: Fall Mulch Application: Get A Head Start On Winter Protecting young trees from cold snaps will prevent damage that [...]

How Do I Get Ice Off Of My Trees?

Ice coating our trees after a winter storm can be nerve-wracking; especially if a tree is close to our homes or place of business. You may be tempted to remove the ice yourself. Up Next: Tree Risk Assessments Help Minimize Storm Damage Potential Removing ice from your trees is a [...]

4 Signs Of Winter Stress In Your Trees

Winter can be a hard time on trees. With the fluctuating temperatures in the St. Louis region, as well as off and on snow and ice, trees can find themselves stressed. It is often not the cold of winter by itself that stresses trees, but rather temperature fluctuations and weather [...]