Take Action Now To Prevent Freeze & Thaw Damage In Your Trees

As spring approaches and temperatures fluctuate, having that burst of warmer weather might be nice for us, but it can be a problem for trees. Rapid changes in temperature can cause freeze and thaw damage in trees that will cause problems down the road. Up Next: 4 Winter Tree Care [...]

Winter Ice Damage To Trees: Take Action!

Wintery weather and ice storms in St. Louis may affect your plans, but at Hansen’s Tree Service, we are at the ready with emergency tree services! Up Next: Why You Need Winter Pest & Disease Protection Heavy snow or ice on trees, even healthy ones, can break limbs and cause [...]

5 Tips For Helping Your Trees Recover From Winter

March is here and while winter isn’t quite done with us yet, spring is only a few weeks away. With freezing temperatures, ice, and snow, your trees have seen it all and could use a little help recovering from the winter. Up Next: Winter Tree Damage: 5 Things To Look [...]

Winter Tree Damage: 5 Things To Look For

After the snowstorm the St. Louis area had this January, you may be having concerns about the health and safety of your trees and property. Up Next: 3 Ways Snow Will Damage Your Trees (If You’re Not Careful) Recognizing winter tree damage is one of the first steps you can [...]

Common Causes Of Tree Damage In Winter

Winter is here and that means snow, ice, and unpredictable weather. And while your trees are sleeping this time of year, they are still susceptible to winter damage. Here are the most common causes of tree damage in winter and how you can help prevent it.