Testimonial – Carol Wakefield

My husband and I moved from Soulard with a small yard to Affton with the huge yard we had always wanted.split1

After cleaning out all of the trash we inspected the trees. We agreed that that we wanted to keep as many trees as possible and we needed professional help.

I called Hansen’s Tree Service and scheduled an appointment with the Arborist. He walked thru the yard and explained to me what trees had to be removed and how pruning and shaping the remaining trees would leave them healthy for years to come.

I received the estimate that explained what trees they would remove, the trees that would be pruned and the cost. They also included a drawing showing the placement of each tree so that we knew exactly what trees were to be removed.

The price was absolutely fair and we scheduled the work to be done. The crew that came out was so professional and took every safety precaution necessary so that no one was injured. They also cleaned up and removed every piece of tree that they had removed. They also swept and blew the sidewalks and driveway clean.

Because of Hansen’s I was able to lay the correct sod and plan my flower beds around the shade of my healthy trees. Hansen’s has continued to be a part of my landscaping maintenance whether it is normal pruning or storm damage clean-up.

I also order my Shredded Hardwood Mulch in the spring so that my beds look really good even before my spring flowers emerge.

Every time I receive a compliment on my yard I have to give Hansen’s credit for starting me out with a healthy foundation for the entire yard and I encourage everyone to call Hansen’s Tree Service for any service that they need.

Thank You,
Carol Wakefield

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