Accidents happen. Whether a storm has caused a limb to fall on your property or it’s taken down the whole tree, Hansen’s is here to help with our emergency tree service.

Minimize Additional Damage During Tree Extraction

Without a doubt, a falling tree can cost homeowners a small fortune. However, it’s also easy for an inexperienced worker to cause more damage while cleaning up.

Why risk the additional damage?

Prevent additional costs by hiring an experienced and reliable tree service company. Hansen’s is well versed in minimizing damage at every level. We carefully and expertly remove the tree with the help of well-handled tools and machinery.

Our Emergency Tree Service Options

Emergency tree service often deals with a combination of these three tasks:

  • Tree Removal: If your entire tree has fallen or has suffered enough damage that it will not live much longer, Hansen’s can remove the tree limbs, trunk, and stump from your home, giving you peace of mind. We even haul the waste back to our green resource recycling center.
  • Tree Pruning: When limbs break off, they leave jagged edges. Properly pruning a tree will ensure your tree grows back safely.
  • Dynamic Cabling: If only a limb has fallen but your tree needs heavy TLC to be saved, Hansen’s can provide limb support to ensure any questionable areas won’t be a problem in the future.

What To Do Before We Arrive

It is important to take certain safety precautions between the time you call and when we arrive so no one is hurt. In general:

  • Do not approach downed power lines, utility lines, cable lines, or fence wires
  • Do not walk under hanging limbs, whether they are still attached to the tree or caught in other branches
  • Do not attempt to remove large debris, especially with dangerous equipment such as chainsaws.