Trees are an important investment that add value to your property. That’s why Hansen’s provides tree health consulting services that will provide you detailed information about the best tree care options for your property.

Learn More About Your Tree’s Unique Needs

Does your tree look unhealthy, but you are not sure what to do next? Hansen’s will consult with you about the best tree care practices, including the following topics:

Is Your Property at Risk?

Hansen’s professional tree consultants are ISA certified and will come to your home and provide tree risk assessments to:

  • Identify trees that create unacceptable risk to your property
  • Diagnose tree problems and provide effective treatment strategies

What Are Your Trees Worth?

Perils like storm damage, accidents, or casualty loss can create many questions about your trees and their value. In addition, your trees may become part of a condemnation.

Our professional consultants can prepare tree appraisals for insurance purposes, litigation, casualty loss, or condemnation. Appraisals are performed using common industry accepted appraisal methodology.

Planning Construction or Grading Near Your Trees?

Soil compaction, excavation, or grade changes near your trees can create serious issues for tree roots, tree survival, and tree stability. Hansen’s certified arborists can provide information about:

  • Tree protection strategies during construction projects (including excavation for underground utilities or any loss of roots.)
  • Chemical and organic treatments to enhance root development for trees impacted by nearby construction

Expert Witness Testimony

Has a neighbor cut down or damaged a tree on your property? Did a tree fall down during a storm and damage your home or a neighbor’s property? If litigation occurs, Hansen’s professional consultant can provide advice to guide you through a difficult process, and has experience with expert witness testimony for you and your legal counsel.