Hansen’s land clearing services will convert your tree and brush-filled property into an open area ripe for development and new landscaping. Our strong and efficient equipment provides fast and easy forest-to-mulch options:

  • The CBI horizontal grinder streamlines the land clearing process by grinding whole trees all at once. In addition, this machine is able to travel in rough terrains on its track drive system.
  • Our Vermeer tub grinders remove piled brush and root wads so you don’t have to worry about removing left over stumps. The large grapple arm on these machines picks up large clumps of debris at one time to exponentially increase land clearing efficiency.
  • The TimberAxe Land Clearing Mower has tracked skid-steer capabilities to provide efficient, economical, and low-impact land clearing for vegetation under 4” in diameter.

Reduce Damage to Your Property

With all the heavy machinery and large trees, irresponsible land clearing can run the risk of damaging property when carried out by the wrong company. Hansen’s guarantees professional, reliable land clearing services:

  • Grinding, not burning: Grinding trees ensures that our land clearing projects are controlled and safe.
  • Low impact machines: Minimal soil disturbance makes future landscaping and development easier.
  • Selective clearing: We only clear the trees and brush you want cleared.

We Clean Up After Ourselves

At the end of the job, Hansen’s will haul everything to our green resource recycling plant. You are left with a completely clear and ready-to-use property.