When a tree becomes damaged, diseased, or you simply want it removed from your property, there is no tree too large or too small for Hansen’s Tree Service & Environmental Resources. We are trained and licensed tree removal professionals with an A+ BBB rating.

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Large Tree Removal 

Large tree removal is worry-free with Hansen’s 25 plus years of experience. By utilizing cranes, aerial lifts, highly trained arborists, and other state-of-the-art equipment, we remove large hazardous trees from almost any location with minimal impact on the area surrounding the tree.

Tree - Branch
Tree - Hansen's Tree Service
Tree - Hansen's Tree Service

Removing Trees In Tight Spaces

Removing trees can be problematic when they are close to structures like homes, sheds, utilities, and other trees. Our lightweight and remote-controlled spider-lift will fit into the smallest spaces, like fence gates, yet gives us a safe reach of over 60 feet in less than a minute. Using the spider-lift, we can often eliminate or reduce the need for manual climbing, making tree removal more cost-effective and much safer.

Tree Removal Clean Up Guaranteed

At Hansen’s, we always finish what we start. Our crew will remove all green waste generated from your project to ensure that it is cleaner than before we started working.

Signs A Tree Is Damaged or Dangerous 

If you’re unsure if a tree needs to be removed or pruned, here are some sure tell-tail signs:

  • Big branches dying and falling
  • Leaves falling off early in the year and not coming back in the Spring
  • A rotten base of the tree or rotten roots
  • Missing bark or deep cracks in the tree trunk
  • A hole has formed in the tree trunk where a branch has fallen off
  • Leaves falling off from the outside-in
  • The tree begins to lean
  • Roots are visible
  • A fungus is seen at the base of the tree (a sign of root rot) 
  • “Sawdust” is seen at the bottom of the tree (a sign of pest infestation)

These are signs that the tree may have a disease or illness. Other reasons to remove trees may be that they are too close to your house, foundation, sidewalk, driveway, underground pipes, power lines, or if the tree is leaning severely to one side or the other.

 If you’re not sure a tree needs to be removed, request a hassle-free consultation. One of our certified arborists will provide a free evaluation of your tree’s health and provide recommendations.

Fully Insured & Certified Tree Services

We take the safety of you and your property seriously. Our teams are led by ISA certified arborists, and we are fully insured to protect you from costly accidents and personal injury lawsuits. Team members regularly participate in continuing education classes (aka Hansen University), honing safety and industry skills. Hansen’s is also a TCIA Accredited Tree Care Service and the first accredited tree care firm in Missouri. We are committed to the highest industry standards to assure everyone’s protection and safety, and a job performed to your satisfaction.