When a tree on your property has become unstable — either due to age or damage — you may think that your only option is to remove the tree. After all, an unstable tree is at risk of breaking and causing damage to your home or the homes of your neighbors.

Luckily, you may not have to resort to removing a beloved tree. Hansen’s Tree Service offers dynamic tree cabling and limb support, a technique that helps reduce the risk of tree failure without cutting it down.

Reduce Tree Failure

If a tree on your property has split, grown unstable or has a defect, cabling works as a support system that may secure the tree to prevent widening cracks and limb failure.

Dynamic tree cabling and limb support involves stringing steel or rope-like material between branches to keep trees from peeling apart. If you have a tree with heavy, low-hanging branches, we can also install braces to maintain their height and reduce weight.

Professional Assessments & Installation

At Hansen’s Tree Service, our ISA certified arborists will assess your trees and choose the proper method and materials necessary for an installation that will last. We can also inspect and maintain your tree cabling system for years to come.

Combined with other tree care services like pruning, dynamic tree cabling and limb support helps ensure the integrity and health of your trees.