Missouri’s Diverse Weather: Choosing the Perfect Trees for Your Landscape

Compared with areas to the north and to the south, Missouri sees an amazingly wide range of weather extremes. The average high temperatures in the St. Louis area for July, for example, is 88 degrees, while the average low temperature in January stands at 23 degrees. The record highs and [...]

Identifying Dangerous Trees On Your Property

Identifying dangerous trees surrounding your property will keep your property and family safe. Most potential home buyers will schedule an inspection of the home, but it’s also important for home shoppers to consider a thorough tree inspection to keep them from dealing with tree removal or pruning after they buy [...]

What’s Wrong With My Trees? Asian Longhorn Beetle

Asian Longhorn Beetle Attacks Hardwood Trees The Asian longhorn beetle is a non-native invasive species that was first discovered in the United States in New York in 1996. This insect attacks hardwood trees like maples, poplars, elms, ashes, and birches, among others. Symptoms Of Asian Longhorn Beetle. According to the [...]

What Are These Brown & Black Spots On My Maple Leaves?

Unknown spots on our tree’s leaves can be a source of concern for the tree’s overall health. If your tree is experiencing brown and/or black spots on the leaves of your maple trees, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your tree is in trouble. Up Next: Tree Care 101: Preventive & [...]

What’s Wrong With My Tree? Hypoxylon Canker

Hypoxylon Canker Is A Fungus Hypoxylon canker is a disease caused by the fungus Entoleuca (Hypoxylon) mammatum. It enters a tree through wounds on branches or trunk and grows in the sapwood. Here, it will kill conductive tissue. When infected, trees can see rapid decline and can die in one [...]