Bush honeysuckle summer favorite or invasive menace?

Many of us probably grew up with the sweet smell of honeysuckle in the summer air. Also called Amur honeysuckle, the Missouri Botanical Garden describes this former ornamental as “one of the most destructive invasive species in the St. Louis region.” Amur honeysuckle, as well as other invasive honeysuckle species [...]

6 Landscaping Tips For New Homeowners

The exterior of our homes is the first thing guests see when they pull up to visit. Make a good first impression with landscaping that will boost your home’s curb appeal. Up Next: 5 Easy Landscaping Tips To Help Sell Your Home For new homeowners who yearn for beautiful landscaping, [...]

Native Landscaping: Trees & Plants To Attract Birds In Missouri

Spring is just around the corner and already we are starting to see birds like robins make their appearance. Birds are an essential part of our ecosystem, acting as pollinators and pest control. Up Next: Tips For Creative Your Native Missouri Pollinator Garden With Hansen’s Super Soil Not only are [...]