6 Landscaping Tips For New Homeowners

The exterior of our homes is the first thing guests see when they pull up to visit. Make a good first impression with landscaping that will boost your home’s curb appeal.

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For new homeowners who yearn for beautiful landscaping, follow these six tips:

new homeownerInspect Present Landscaping

Before and after you move into your new home, inspect the present landscaping. What is present? Are there trees or shrubs that need to be removed? Is there a tree that is too close to the home and in need of professional care?

Asking these questions will prepare you for the work ahead and give you an idea of what you want.

Plan New Landscaping

After you have inspected your current landscaping, start making plans for your new landscaping. There are many excellent resources out there for garden and landscaping planning—sometimes with free plans—if you don’t know where to start.

Plant Native

When it comes to landscaping, choosing native plants can be a boon. Not only to the beauty of your yard, but the health of the local environment. Native plants attract birds and beneficial insects, as well as providing food and shelter to animals.

Avoid Over-Watering Or Over-Fertilizing

One of the mistakes new homeowners make is over-watering or over-fertilizing their landscaping. More isn’t always better and can harm your landscaping. For example, over-fertilizing can lead to burning, root rot, and unhealthy growth.

Take Your Time

When it comes to landscaping, take your time. You won’t have the perfect yard overnight and some plants or trees you want may not be available when you want it due to seasonality. Taking your time will allow you to think about what you really want to see in your yard.

Consult With An ISA-Certified Arborist

Before you plant trees in your landscaping or decide to remove one, consult with an ISA-certified arborist at Hansen’s Tree Service. Our professional arborists at Hansen’s Tree Service are always more than happy to recommend native tree species and organic products like topsoil and compost for your location and needs.

We also provide at-home tree consultations and hassle-free estimates so you can choose the best trees and tree care methods for you.

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