What to do when tree roots are destroying your sidewalks

Are you a homeowner with trees in your front or backyard? If so, chances are that you might have noticed tree roots impacting the condition of your sidewalks. Over time, as the tree grows and its roots expand, it can cause significant damage, making it difficult for you to properly [...]

Choosing the best tree for your property

Planting trees is an easy and effective way to beautify your property, provide shade in summer and wind protection in winter, and enhance privacy while simultaneously increasing real estate values. Because there is so much variation in size, shape, growth habits, and care requirements, the type of tree you choose [...]

What Is A Phenology Calendar?

Phenology is the study of how climate and habitat factors influence periodic events in biological life cycles. For example, some insects and nematodes need a certain amount of heat to move from one life stage into another.

5 Tips For Planting Privacy Hedges

If you want more privacy on your property, now is the time to plant a privacy hedge. Privacy hedges are a great way to prevent prying eyes and beautify your property. It also has the benefits of creating a sound barrier to reduce road noise and acting as a windbreak. [...]