Welcome John Harvey!

The entire Hansen’s Tree Service team invites you to welcome John Harvey, our new Plant Health Care Manager. John joined us in mid-March and brings more than 35 years of experience in plant health care with him. In the Plant Health Care Manager role, John will oversee all areas of [...]

Hail Storm Recovery: Vital Care for Damaged Trees

Hail creates extensive wounding of bark tissues and required higher levels of reserved energy to heal. In the wake of a hail storm, trees will need a fertilizer boost. Particularly our evergreen friends, who can’t bounce back as easily as their deciduous counterparts. Fertilize for Faster RecoveryAffected trees are in [...]

The Right Organic Compost Can Be A Game Changer

Compost is compost, and yes, it’s organic, right? Not really. Organic compost is made up of decomposed organic matter such as leaves, garden waste, food scraps, and other biodegradable matter. If a material is biodegradable, it can likely be used in compost. What Does Compost Do? Compost can add vital [...]

Tree Of The Month: The Norway Spruce

Looking for an evergreen to add to your landscaping? One that combines beauty, toughness and adaptability? Then Picea abies – otherwise known as the Norway Spruce – might be the tree for you and your landscaping. Despite the name, the Norway Spruce can be found in the U.S. throughout New [...]

Tree Of The Month: The Southern Magnolia

When people think of magnolia trees, particularly the southern magnolia, they often think of states in the deep South such as Alabama, Georgia, or Mississippi, which bears the nickname “the Magnolia State.” While these trees are commonly found throughout the southern states, the southern magnolia is also quite at home [...]