Bring Plants and Lawns Alive with Compost, Mulch, and Recycling


A Tip From Mother Nature

I don’t know if a tree that falls in the woods makes a sound if I’m not there, but I do know that when a tree falls, it sparks a marvelous chain of events that support the forest ecosystem. That event is decomposition, something we can emulate in our own yard through composting and mulching.

Mother Nature, in all her wisdom, created enterprising microbes to begin the process of breaking down a once majestic tree into usable, life-sustaining compost for the plants and trees that remain.

  1. As the tree crumbles, the former home to squirrels and birds becomes a haven for bugs—lots of bugs.
  2. Insects do their part, too, in the decomposition process by burrowing, nesting, eating and adding their waste to the mix.
  3. The result is dark, moist, fertile compost that feeds and furthers forest life.


Since the forest needs compost, it’s not a good idea for us to scavenge the forest floor for compost. But you don’t have to. By making a quick phone call to Hansen’s Tree Service in O’Fallon, MO, you can have rich, nutrient-dense, organic compost delivered to your door.

What is “Organic” Compost?

Organic compost makes the best fertilizer for lawn and landscape because it decomposes into the appropriate chemical balance to nourish the soil. Feeding your lawn and landscape with organic compost lessens the need for chemicals, strengthens plant roots, conserves water and fixes hard soil.

If you’re concerned about putting chemicals on your lawn and plants, organic compost is a great alternative. The thing you have to keep in mind, however, is that compost works slowly. You might see an almost miraculous change with chemicals, but it’s usually short-lived and they must be reapplied on a regular basis. Compost is easy – just spread it and forget it. I would also bet that it’s cheaper in the long run, too.

Composting may be easy, but it does take consistent application (spring and fall) and works best if amended into the soil around plants and bushes. If you’re composting a lawn, an initial aeration will be all the prep you need. A thin layer of compost, applied across your lawn, will slowly filter in, improving your soil and giving your grass something to cheer about. Do this over the course of a few years, and the water savings can reach as high as 30%. Given the cost of water these days, this could be a huge savings for a typical household.

Mulch: The Finishing Touch

Hansen’s also provides beautiful, colorful organic mulch to give a lovely top-dress to your landscaping. It used to be that homeowners had to choose between colorful mulch that wasn’t very helpful to the landscape or organic mulch, which only came in various shades of brown. Hansen’s has changed all that by mixing an environmentally friendly dye into its mulch-making process. Yes, you can still use the tried-and-true brown mulch, but now you can also choose from a variety of colors that will make your landscape “pop” as well as provide a well-balanced diet to the plants you cherish.

Mulch is more than a pretty finish, however:

  • As with compost, organic mulch breaks down over time and feeds the plants it protects.
  • Mulch retains moisture more effectively than soil alone which also contributes to water savings.
  • In addition, it keeps plant roots cool, helping to support their growth and reduce unnecessary plant loss due to hot, dry weather conditions.


Coming Full Circle: Green Resource Recycling

Hansen’s is able to make these organic products because they firmly believe in recycling. Any yard waste created by tree trimming, or other landscaping projects leaves with them (unless the homeowner wants to keep it) and recycled. All yard waste is processed into the appropriate product; going through various cleaning and grinding processes to make sure it’s yard-safe (no pet or other harmful waste) and has the appropriate consistency.

Hansen’s has become so efficient with their recycling process that they provide yard-waste recycling services to a variety of waste haulers around the St. Louis and St. Charles areas. To sign your business up for Hansen’s green resource recycling service, call us now!

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