Hansen’s Top Tips For Choosing The Right Tree For Your Property

At Hansen’s Tree Service, we always say, “The right tree in the right place.” Correct tree selections and placements on your property not only optimizes the benefits of trees but avoids conflicts with other species and utility lines. Tree selection and placement are some of the most important decisions you will make when landscaping.

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To choose the best possible tree for your property, follow these top tips from the experts at Hansen’s Tree Service:

choose best treeChoose Where The Tree Will Be Planted

The biggest question you can ask yourself is, “where will my tree be planted?” This will help you ask the right questions to narrow down the best tree. As such, you need to determine your soil type, sun requirements, hardiness zone, space constraints, and more.

Know Your Soil Type & Site Conditions

What are the conditions on your property? Different trees require different types of soil to be healthy, though some can adapt. For example, dogwoods can adjust to various climates but grow best in moist, fertile soils.

If you have poor drainage, choose a tree that does well with excess moisture or choose another planting location.

Check Space Constraints

The size of the tree will determine where it can be planted on your property. If you do not have much room, choose smaller trees like dogwoods rather than larger trees like oaks. Check what space you have available, including proximity to:

  • Buildings
  • Other trees
  • Sidewalks
  • Overhead and underground utilities

Buy A High-Quality Tree

Purchasing a high-quality tree is essential in choosing the right tree that will require less maintenance and more benefits. For example, some trees are more susceptible to regional pests and disease than others. For example, ash trees are susceptible to emerald ash borer.

Never purchase a tree with limited or crushed roots, weak limbs, or a wounded trunk. Instead, choose one with a healthy root system, a strong form with firmly attached branches, and a trunk free of wounds and defects.

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