Is My Tree A Good Candidate For Plant Health Care?

At Hansen’s Tree Service, we are all about holistic tree care and preventing problems before they start. That’s where plant health care comes in. Are your trees a good candidate?


Anyone with trees and shrubs on their property can benefit from plant health care. Plant health care is designed to keep your trees healthy throughout their life.Tree - Arborist

Are You Seeing Pests?

Pests and insects are a common sight in our trees and even can be beneficial. But when a harmful and invasive pest takes up residence in your trees and shrubs, it’s a cause for concern. For example, if you notice an abundance of aphids, evidence of borers, or the presence of bagworms, among others, call your ISA Certified Arborist at Hansen’s Tree Service to schedule a plant health care appointment.

Are You Seeing Concerning Symptoms?

Premature leaf drop, cankers, black spots, and other concerning symptoms are evidence of a disease taking root in your trees or shrubs. These diseases can be bacterial, fungal, viral, or caused by parasites. If left alone, they can seriously affect the health of your trees, even kill them, and spread to neighboring trees.

Plant Health Care Is Affordable

Are you concerned about the costs of plant health care? Don’t be! Plant health care costs at your home depend entirely upon the arborist’s findings and your personalized plan. We care about you and your trees. No matter your budget, we will work with you to find the best solution.

We work hard to bring you the best tree care possible while minimizing damage at every turn. For safe, effective tree care, you can trust Hansen’s. Contact us today to schedule your free evaluation.

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