St. Louis Compost and a Healthy Lawn

Gardeners know that it is not just water that makes for a healthy lawn: plants also need food and nutrients to help them thrive. Compost is vital to getting these nutrients to the plants in your yard.  If you are in the St. Louis area and want to make your garden as lush as can be, Hansen’s Tree Service has just the compost for you.

The organic compost mixtures at Hansen’s Tree Service are specially blended to deliver the optimum number of nutrients to your lawn and garden.  The organic blends also use plant and other natural matter to keep your yard free of chemicals and other synthetic compounds.  So not only will your yard look beautiful, you can rest easy knowing it is safe for the environment.

As the St. Louis winter begins to melt into spring, it is important to make plans to have your yard ready as soon as possible for the warm weather to come.  Because the seasons can change here so quickly, it’s impossible to know when spring will start.  Heck, maybe we’ll go straight from winter to summer (just wait five minutes for it to change!).  The sooner the compost gets laid, the healthier and fuller your yard will be.

Hansen’s Tree Service offers three types of compost and soil amendments: “Magic Bean” Organic Compost, “Super Soil” Topsoil, and Bio Retention Soil.  A lawn care expert can go over your specific needs and discuss which option is best you.  Call us today and join our list of satisfied St. Louis, St. Charles, and O’Fallon customers today!

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