Warning Sign A Tree Company May Not Be Reputable?

Asking For Money UpfrontHansen's Warning Sign a Tree Company May Not be Reputable Money Up Front

Tree care companies are in high demand for their expertise in maintaining and improving the health of your trees. However, not all tree care companies are created equal. Some companies may ask for payment upfront, which can be a red flag and a warning sign to be cautious.

At Hansen’s Tree Service, we never ask for a payment upfront. In fact, we advise our customers to be wary of companies that make this request.

Why should you avoid paying for tree care upfront?


1. Lack of Trustworthiness

Companies that ask for upfront payment signal a lack of trustworthiness. It is
a warning sign that the company might not be reliable or professional, or
they might not have the necessary resources to complete the work. A
trustworthy company will have no problem waiting to accept payment until
the job is done and you are satisfied.

2. Customer Safety

Tree work can be risky, and accidents can occur. Occasionally, a company
that collects payment upfront may rest on its laurels and cut corners, such as
using unsafe equipment, inexperienced workers, or lack insurance. All of
these increase homeowner liability and the risk to your property and human
life. Because of this, ensuring that the work is accomplished according to
safety standards is necessary.

3. Quality of Work

A company that demands payment before work begins has no incentive to
provide high-quality work. However, a company committed to customer
satisfaction will take pride in its work and ensure that everything is done to
the highest standards.

4. The Risk of Scams

In some situations, an upfront payment may lead to fraudulent activities.
Unfortunately, con artists can engage in fraudulent activities and take
advantage of honest homeowners, promising to finish the work and then
making off with the upfront payment. If upfront payment is required, ensure
proper documentation is in place, and the company has a good reputation.

5. Lack of Experience & Stability

Asking for payment upfront can indicate that the company may be
inexperienced or financially unstable. If a company is unable to cover the
cost of supplies or wages, it’s possible they may not have the capacity to
complete the job to your satisfaction. This scenario can lead to unfinished
work or low-quality results, leaving the customer in a difficult situation.

6. Lagging Completion Time

Taking money upfront can be viewed as lessening a company’s motivation to
complete the work efficiently and on time. What stops a company from
dragging out the job or not even starting it once they have received

7. Lost Leverage

As customers, it’s also important to note that paying upfront often means
losing leverage to ensure the work is completed to your satisfaction. If there
is a dispute with the result, it becomes much harder to hold a company
accountable and receive a refund or corrections to the work.

In Conclusion

We highly recommend avoiding companies that ask for payment upfront. A
company that does not require upfront payment signals a dedication to
customer service. That’s why at Hansen’s Tree Service, we only ask for
payment after our clients are entirely satisfied with the job we’ve done. This
demonstrates our confidence in completing the job with the utmost quality,
safety, and customer satisfaction.
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