Welcome J.T. Thomas!

Please join all of us at Hansen’s Tree Service in welcoming our new Product Sales Specialist, J.T. Thomas.

As a product sales specialist, J.T. will work with our customers providing a full spectrum of services ranging from selecting and scheduling bulk mulch deliveries and pick up of other to educating customers on our range of products and serving as a liaison between them and experts such as our certified arborists.

J.T., a lifelong St. Charles area resident whose first paying job was cutting lawns, is a graduate of the University of Missouri – Columbia, where he earned a B.S. in Biology with a minor in business, a nearly perfect yet unplanned preparation for his position as a product sales specialist with Hansen’s Tree Service. His intense studies in biology give J.T. a deep understanding of the science of plant biology, enabling him to understand customer needs and the benefits of each of your products specific to each of those needs. J.T. has also proven to be effective in communicating with our certified arborists and other experts.

J.T. has been an instant hit with Hansen’s and our customers, as he sees his role as being dedicated to assessing customer needs and objectives and positioning Hansen’s as a valued resource capable of helping customers achieve their objectives. “What I love about Hansen’s is that we’re not a transactional company,” he says. “For example, we go beyond taking an order for mulch and delivering it. Sure, we can do that, but we offer much more, specifically in terms of expertise and experience. I see us – and everyone here does too – as a resource, not just a supplier.”

J.T. – who joined us in June – sees working with Hansen’s and our customers as a dream opportunity. “I put a great deal of value in community. Every day, I get to work with people who care about making our community better, healthier, and more beautiful,” he says. “Healthy, growing trees, plant life, greenery, and landscaping all make our community a better place. What we – and our customers – are really doing is improving the environment for everyone.”

He also loves the Hansen’s Tree Service culture. “I value small business for a number of reasons,” J.T. says. “First, small businesses provide opportunities to members of their communities. Second, they tend to become not just involved but ingrained in their communities, and finally, they seem to be great at creating longstanding work relationships among their employees and excellent relationships with customers. I put a lot of value in each of these qualities, and Hansen’s Tree Service checks each of those boxes.”

Whatever your tree or landscaping needs or questions, contact us today and talk to J.T. or another member of our customer-focused team. We look forward to being YOUR resource!

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