What Are Tree Watering Bags & Do They Work?

Have you seen newly planted trees that look like someone wrapped an innerwatering bags tube around them? While it looks a bit odd, there are now “tree watering bags” that do a great job at slowly watering your newly planted tree. Tree watering bags are designed to be filled with a hose, and then slowly release that water directly into your tree’s roots. These bags wrap around the base of a tree and provide a slow and persistent water source that can be a handy way to get the right amount of water to the tree’s roots.

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Here is what you need to know about watering bags before you purchase:

Watering Bags Are Useful In Areas Where Water Must Be Transported In

Watering bags can be useful in areas where it would be difficult to haul a sprinkler or hose to and from a tree. The watering bag can provide a slow release of water over a few days and reduce trips to each tree. Especially helpful if you’ve planted several trees.

Watering Bags Can Help Young Trees Get Off To A Good Start

In young, establishing trees, watering bags can be useful in providing water to growing roots. The Missouri Department of Conservation has created some useful watering tips. They suggest watering the roots around the trunk so the root ball can develop and establish roots. New trees need up to an inch of water weekly, so tree bags can be a convenient way of helping them get the water they need.

Watering Bags Are Not Meant For Long Term use

Watering bags are not meant for long term use and should be removed after one or two seasons. They might require a bit of maintenance to keep them clean inside and out to insure good water flow. Like all garden tools, sanitize between uses and replace when damaged.

Check Before Watering Your Trees

Before using watering bags for your trees or watering your trees in general, check to make sure they need it. Overwatering can lead to root rot and other conditions that can stress and weaken your trees, inviting pests and disease.

Before you water, your trees know their watering needs, as some are drought resistant. Stick a screwdriver into the soil, and if it comes away dry, your tree could use a watering.

Keep Your Trees Healthy

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