What Is Not Killing Your Trees?

You are a vigilant homeowner who cares for your trees. You regularly get them inspected, prune as needed, and make sure that they remain healthy and safe.

When you see something that looks different, such as browning leaves or an unidentifiable insect nibbling on them you may be concerned as to the health of your trees. Is this a problem that can kill your tree? Can it be fixed?

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Here are a few things that may not be killing your trees and how you can remedy them:

Leaf Feeding Insectstree gall

As alarming as they look, leaf feeding insects often don’t cause threatening damage to your trees by themselves. These insects are beneficial to the ecosystem as they are an important food source for animals.

Leaf feeding insects can negatively affect your tree if the tree is already suffering from injury or illness. If you are seeing overpopulation, call a professional to take a look.

Leaf Spots & Galls

Leaf spots and galls can look alarming, especially if you are unsure as to what you are seeing. Galls on trees are often a sign of insect activity and may not be cause for concern. However, they could be an indication of disease such as cedar rusts.

Leaf spots can be caused by overly wet weather and fungi and like galls, won’t necessarily harm your trees. If they are distressing you, call a professional certified arborist from Hansen’s Tree Service. You can also pick them off and destroy them to keep them from spreading.

Keep Your Trees Healthy

An ounce of prevention is a pound of cure.

Keeping your trees healthy and inspected by the professionals at Hansen’s Tree Service will allow them to keep their vigor and health. This includes pruning, mulching, and fertilizing when needed. The expert ISA certified arborists at Hansen’s Tree Service take the health of your trees seriously. We will always use the latest, safest methods of care to ensure the best plant health care and diagnosis.

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