What To Expect At Your Plant Health Care Appointment With Hansen’s Tree Service

Holistic tree care means preventing problems before they start. And if your trees are already under stress and struggling with issues like dead branches or discolored leaves, we look for ways to remedy the problem. The way we do this is through plant health care (PHC).

All trees are good candidates for plant health care, and when you schedule an appointment with Hansen’s Tree Service, you know you’re getting the best care for your trees. Here’s what you can expect from your plant health care appointment:

First, Schedule Your Hassle-Free Estimateplant health care appointment

When we come to your home for a plant health care appointment, we will gladly do so for a hassle-free estimate. When you first contact us, tell us the tree’s location and services needed, and a PHC specialist will stop by. They will evaluate the trees and shrubs on your property for pests, diseases, and other problems.

When you have received our estimate, we will review the findings with you and what it means.

Next, We Inspect Your Trees & The Surrounding Environment

Part of plant health care is not only inspecting your trees but the surrounding environment. Is your tree healthy? Does the soil support the health of your trees? Are there invasives that could bully your trees and crowd them out?

We ask ourselves these questions when we come to your home or business. They are essential in understanding the bigger picture and what methods best benefit your trees.

Then, We Prescribe Treatments & Recommendations

After reviewing the findings with you, we will prescribe treatments on an as-needed basis. Each landscape we assess has different needs and budgetary requirements, and we are prepared to meet them! For example, if you have ash trees, we may recommend removal to prevent the spread of emerald ash borer. We will begin a preventative regimen if you want to keep your ash.

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