What’s Wrong With My Tree? Salt Damage

Salt Damage In Trees Is Common In The Winter

winter tree injurySalt damage to trees and shrubs in the winter is a common complaint among home and business owners in the winter. De-icing salts used extensively next to plants can damage or even kill them. Salt can reduce the vitality of trees over time if left so this winter, take the time to care for your trees to prevent salt damage.

Signs And Symptoms Of Salt Damage

Signs and symptoms of salt damage in your trees and shrubs include:

  • Bark discoloration
  • Brown needles on evergreens
  • Premature needle drop on evergreens
  • Bud death
  • Twig dieback

Symptoms become more evident in the spring and effects may not be seen for years.

Preventing Salt Damage In Your Trees And Shrubs

To prevent salt damage in your trees and shrubs this winter, remember these three things:

  • Reduce your use of salts around trees and shrubs on your property
  • Plant trees in areas where little or no salt will be spread
  • Keep the trees watered to wash away salts
  • Wrap susceptible trees in burlap or other insulating material

If your tree is exhibiting dieback, contact a professional tree care company like Hansen’s Tree Service for the best tree care and health solutions.

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