Trends In Landscaping For 2024

Landscaping can speak volumes about a homeowner’s personal tastes, interests and priorities. And as with virtually everything in life, what’s “in” when it comes to landscaping evolves regularly, reflecting not only styles and trends, but changes in society and culture. If you’re considering updating or completely replacing your landscaping, you [...]

Tree of the Month: The Blue Spruce

It’s only fitting that our Tree of the Month for December should be one synonymous with winter and the holiday season. And of course, it should be a beautiful tree, one that’s also hardy and flourishes in our region. Our Tree of the Month for December checks all those boxes:  [...]

Thank You For An Amazing 2023!

With the holiday season upon us and with 2023 drawing to a close, the entire staff of Hansen’s Tree Service thanks each and every customer for choosing us to provide you with tree care, snow removal and other services. We understand you have many choices for these services, and we’re [...]

Keep Your Evergreens Green

It may seem basic; evergreens are always green. That’s why they’re called “evergreens.” But that’s not always the case as evergreens can turn brown, usually in one or two areas and then turn progressively brown. This can be traced to a number of causes, including a variety of diseases, pest [...]

Protect Your Trees: Watch For Signs Of Stress

Trees may seem to stand silently outside, day and night, through perfect weather and miserable conditions. And when they suffer from damage, disease or inadequate care, many homeowners are surprised to learn their tree – or trees – were suffering from serious, worsening problems. But that can be avoided by [...]