Common maple tree problems to keep an eye out for

Maples are a common sight across the country. In Missouri, there is a mix of native and naturalized species that provide shade, lumber, sap for syrup, and natural beauty. These include sugar maple, red maple, silver maple, and many more. While sturdy, maples are susceptible to certain diseases and pests. [...]

August Is Tree Check Month

The USDA has declared August as Tree Check Month and encourages homeowners to spend time checking their trees for damage caused by invasive pests like the Asian longhorn beetle. This August, check your trees to:

3 Pests To Look Out For In Your Garden This June

June is a busy month for gardeners! Not only do you have to worry about keeping your plants healthy and thriving, but you also need to be on the lookout for pests. This month, keep an eye out for these three pests:

Get Your Trees Treated For Bagworms!

Bagworms are a common site in the Midwest, with eggs hatching May through June. After hatching, the larvae emerge to create bags of their own by gradually incorporating materials from crawling around.

Types of pests: Leaf suckers, chewers, borers, and gall-makers

Be they invasive or native, tree insects and diseases can cause severe damage to our native trees and forests if not correctly managed. Insect pests cause damage through sucking, chewing, boring, gall-making, and other activities that weaken trees. Here are some common insect pests in Missouri: