Tree Care 101: Preventative & Curative Treatments

When it comes to our trees, their health should never be overlooked. Preventative and curative tree treatments work together to keep your tree healthy and free of pests and disease. Up Next: 4 Low-Pollen Trees For Your Missouri Garden These treatments can consist of injection treatments as well as seasonal [...]

3 Tips For Spotting Aphid Infestations In Large Trees

Aphids are small, sap-sucking insects that feed on stems, leaves, and other tender parts of a plant. This widespread pest will feed on almost anything but prefer trees with large, thick leaves. Aphids are typically tricky to spot on plants. Since aphids cannot be predicted, you will have to look [...]

4 Winter Tree Care Tips For Healthier Trees Year Round

The winter may be mild this year, but that doesn’t mean that you should stop thinking about your trees! Proper winter tree care sets your trees up for success, so be sure not to neglect them! Up Next: 3 Ways You May Unknowingly Be Harming Your Trees Here are 4 [...]

4 Benefits Of A Tree Inventory on Your Property

Like many things, it’s difficult to manage something unless you know what you have. When it comes to trees, knowledge is power, thanks to having a tree inventory as a tool for your management decisions. Tree inventories conducted by an ISA-certified arborist help reduce your liability, increase public safety, and [...]

Overwintering Pests & How To Prevent Them

Many insects that cause damage to trees will spend the winter attached to the tree in the egg or pre-adult stage. It’s best to control them in these stages, rather than waiting until they begin to cause damage next year or multiply in numbers. They often overwinter attached to small [...]