Why choose Hansen’s Tree Service for fall tree care?

Welcome to fall! You no doubt have many outdoor plans on the schedule, including things like bonfires, hayrides, and other fun fall activities. But do you have plans to get your trees in order?

4 More Dos’ & Don’ts Of Fall Tree Care

At Hansen’s Tree Service, it’s no secret that tree care is our passion. Our mission is to educate and help you care for your trees throughout the year. Up Next: Tree Services To Consider This Fall Previously, we discuss five dos’ and don’ts of fall tree care. This year, we [...]

Now Is The Time To Plant Your Trees & Shrubs!

Planting new trees and shrubs in your landscaping. Now is the time to do it! Planting in the fall provides your plants with a host of benefits that will give them a strong start. Up Next: The Best Trees To Plant For Fall Color In The Midwest Here’s when and [...]

Apply Mulch To Your Landscaping Now!

Fall is here and now is the time to apply mulch to your landscaping. Fall mulch insulates soil and roots, helps maintain essential moisture, and suppresses weeds. Up Next: Are Fresh Christmas Trees Good For Mulch? Get a head start on winter and protect your plants by applying mulch today! [...]

5 Dos’ & Don’ts Of Fall Tree Care

Fall tree care is essential in keeping your trees healthy throughout the cold season and beyond. Whether you are a new homeowner or have owned a home for years, fall tree care should always be on your list of home maintenance. Up Next: Managing Tree Root Diseases