4 Tips For Transporting Trees Big & Small

Trees are a large investment for your home. They provide shade, shelter, and food for wildlife, and can help reduce your home’s energy bills when placed in the right locations. As we say, “The right tree in the right place.” Up Next: 4 Tips For Planting Trees In The Winter [...]

4 Tips For Planting Trees In The Winter

January is in the middle of the dormant season for many trees and for some, it is the best time to plant. Up Next: Give The Gift: Recycling Your Christmas Tree You can plant deciduous trees this time of year when they are dormant. These are the trees that change [...]

Getting Your Trees Ready For Spring This Winter

Winter is a time when your trees are dormant. While your trees may not be active, you should still be. This is a critical time in the health and care of your trees, as winter is filled with hazards that could damage them. Up Next: Winter Tree Damage: 5 Things [...]

5 Things That Might Be Killing Your Trees

As a responsible homeowner you understand your Duty of Care and how regularly inspecting and caring for your trees will protect surrounding property from damage. Up Next: Leaf Feeding Insects: Will They Harm My Trees? But sometimes a tree gets stressed from environmental factors such as poor soil and care [...]

Tips For Protecting Your Trees In The Summer Heat

Summer in St. Louis can be brutal. In 2019, the city and surrounding areas experienced dangerous heat with indexes reaching 110 degrees Fahrenheit. While we can bring our loved ones and pets inside where it is nice and cool, we cannot do the same for our trees. Protecting young trees [...]