Maintenance Matters: Tree Pruning Makes A Difference

It’s easy to take your trees for granted. After all, you’re busy with work, family, home projects, running to the grocery store, and countless other life tasks. With everything else demanding your attention, it’s easy for your trees to be an afterthought. Unless a branch is hanging down conspicuously or [...]

Tree Risk Assessments Help Minimize Storm Damage Potential

Unless you haven’t left your home for the past month, this announcement will come as no surprise: Spring / summer storms have arrived. With much of the St. Louis area still recovering from the recent flooding that left many riverfront communities under water, it is past time to begin considering [...]

Is Fall the Best Time to Trim Your Trees?

When it comes time to trim your trees, is there any “right time” to do it? Should you trim in the fall before it gets cold and starts snowing or would it be better to wait until spring? Before you begin deciding when to trim your trees, it’s important to [...]

Tree Trimming Types: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

On the outside, tree trimming seems straightforward—just cut off the limbs and branches that you don’t want. Right? Not exactly. Trimming trees is a precise science in that trees are living organisms with physiological responses to changes like trimming. Correct tree trimming keeps trees healthy by: Promoting growth Preventing branch [...]