What’s wrong with my trees? Dog vomit slime mold

Dog vomit slime mold isn’t dangerous to your trees

Did someone’s dog throw up on your lawn? If you see something yellow that looks yellow and slimy, it could be what’s known as dog vomit slime mold or scrambled egg mold. Its name comes from its appearance, which gives the impression of vomit. But did you know this isn’t even a mold or a fungus? It’s a primitive organism that shares characteristics with fungi and is even placed in that category by some experts!

scrambled egg moldThis organism feeds on bacteria, fungi, and decaying organic matter like rotting wood and typically appears in the summer heat. It can also be found on live leaves and stems. When its living conditions are no longer favorable, it shrivels up, and its spores are released to travel to a new location.

While alarming-looking, dog vomit slime mold isn’t dangerous to your trees.

Identifying dog vomit slime mold

Identifying dog vomit slime mold is easy. Look for:

  • White to yellow-gray in appearance
  • Spongelike texture when it matures and before degradation
  • Vomit- or scrambled egg-like appearance

Controlling dog vomit slime mold

This slime mold will eventually disappear on its own in time. Still, a good spray from the hose will do if you want immediate removal for cosmetic reasons. They can also be removed manually via a shovel and discarded into the trash. Do not use chemicals to remove it; it’ll only do more harm than good.

Since dog vomit slime mold thrives in warm, moist conditions, it’s more likely to show up after heavy rains or excessive watering. So, ensure that you avoid overwatering your trees and that they’re pruned by a professional to encourage good airflow.

If you’re not sure about something regarding the health of your trees, call the ISA Certified Arborists at Hansen’s Tree Service! We are fully trained to identify health concerns in your trees from fungi, pests, and diseases.

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