3 Tips For Preventing A Lawn Full Of Weeds

Who likes a lawn full of weeds that choke out your grass and other plants?

While there are benefits to many weeds, such as helping prevent soil erosion and attract pollinators like bees, having them in areas like your vegetable garden or flowerbed isn’t welcome.

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To stop unwanted weeds from taking root in your lawn, follow these three tips:

Apply Hansen’s Organic Mulch

prevent lawn weedsApplying Hansen’s organic mulch to your beds and around your trees does a great job in helping prevent unwanted weeds from taking root. The mulch suppresses weeds by preventing sunlight from reaching the seeds and provides a healthy growing environment for your plants through water retention and nutritional content when the mulch decomposes.

Mow Your Lawn Higher

It may be more aesthetically pleasing to mow your lawn lower, but if you want to help prevent a yard full of weeds, mow it higher instead. Weed seeds need sunlight to grow, and cutting your grass higher will prevent that sunlight from effectively reaching them.

Start Your Lawn Off On The Right Foot With Super Soil Topsoil

Before seeding or sodding, apply Hansen’s Super Soil Topsoil to your lawn. Our combination of 70% soil and 30% organic compost is a powerful, nutrient-rich blend that will give your yard the boost it needs to develop strong roots.

This organic blend is ready-to-use and does not require you to blend it into your existing soil. Instead, spread it where you need it and sow or sod as you usually would.

Get Your Organic Mulch & Super Soil Topsoil Delivered Today

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