4 Essential Summer Tree Care Tips

Summer is upon us, and that means taking charge of your tree’s health and care. Tree maintenance on your property is your responsibility! If you do not care for your trees, and an accident happens because of neglect, you could be held liable. By performing your duty of care, you are making your property safer and your trees healthier.

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Here are four essential summer tree care tips you need to follow each year for healthy trees:

Get Your Trees Pruned By An ISA Certified Arborist

Spring storms and damage leftover from winter takes a toll on your trees. Getting your trees pruned when they need it, regardless of the time of year, will result in a tree that is healthy and safe. Pruning removes dead, dying, and weak summer tree careto prevent branch failure and the attraction of pests.

Always hire an ISA certified arborist from an insured tree care company like Hansen’s Tree Service. We never use unacceptable and dangerous pruning techniques like tree topping. This method indiscriminately removes branches from the crown of your tree, harming it.

Make Sure Your Trees Have Enough Water

The heat of summer in the St. Louis region can become sweltering. To protect your trees in the heat, make sure your trees have enough water. Depending on the type and age of the tree and how much it has rained, your trees could benefit from a good soak. Younger, newly transplanted trees need more water than older established trees because their root systems are still forming.

Get Your Tree Inspected For Disease & Pests

There are many pests and diseases that show their heads in the summer like anthracnose and rhizosphaera and emerald ash borer. Get your trees inspected and treated by a professional ISA arborist each year. Your attending arborist will inspect your trees and provide treatment options.

Replenish Mulch To Conserve Moisture

Adding mulch around the base of your trees does wonders for conserving moisture and suppressing weeds. When applying mulch, always:

  • Rake around the older mulch to aerate and check the depth
  • If more mulch is needed, apply no more than 2 inches in depth
  • Avoid piling mulch around the base of the tree

Don’t know how much mulch you need for your purposes? Check out our handy mulch calculator. Order your organic mulch online and have it delivered to your home hassle free!

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