How to care for your mature trees

As a homeowner, you know how important mature trees are to your backyard. They offer protection from the elements as they age, provide shade in hot weather, and add beauty and character to your home’s landscape. Proper care of your mature trees ensures their health so they can continue to [...]

What Is Wrong With My Trees? Deadwood

Deadwood Is Wood That Has Died On Your Trees Dead branches, or deadwood, is a natural part of a tree’s lifecycle that can be caused by damage, whether from storms, diseases, animals, or man-made. Rather than being shed from the tree right away, deadwood often remains attached to the tree. [...]

Thanksgiving Safety Tips From Hansen’s Tree Service

Happy Thanksgiving! With the big day practically here, many of us have already begun prepping and checking off our to-do lists. We have everything from the traditional turkey to making sure that there are clean sheets in the guest room. But have you remembered your safety checklist? Check Your Smoke [...]

Protecting Your Trees From Summer Storms

In summer, heavy downpours and strong winds can damage trees and make them a safety hazard. Already we have seen heavy storms that required emergency tree services from our team, like fallen trees and branches. Up Next: Hansen’s Essential Summer Tree Care Checklist Why protect your trees from summer storms? [...]

Help! My Tree Was Topped, Can It Be Saved?

Overzealous and poor tree pruning techniques like tree topping can severely damage a tree, negatively affecting its health. Topping is an unethical pruning technique that should never be used, as it indiscriminately cuts limbs, leaving the tree susceptible to problems like: