Essential Tasks To Check Off Of Your Garden To-Do This January

Happy New Year! It’s time to brush off the old, welcome the new, and make goals for the new year—this includes goals for your garden!

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This January, start the new year off right by checking off these essential tasks. Not only will your garden thrive in the spring, but you’ll be working towards helping create a greener world!

January checklist

Begin Prepping Soil For Planting In Spring

If you plan on planting in the spring, it could be vegetables or flowers, it’s time to prep your soil. Organic compost can be spread out in your desired planting area and work into the existing soil. Remember to remove rocks and debris from your planting area, as these can impede growth.

Organic compost and mulch can be bought online at Hansen’s Tree Service and delivered right to your home!

Get Your Trees Assessed By A Professional

If you haven’t gotten your trees assessed by a professional, now is the time to do so. Winter is a great time to get an assessment because the trees are bare and it’s easy to see and remove compromised limbs, as well as get a head start on pest control.

During an assessment, an arborist will perform a one-hour evaluation to look for signs of diseases, structural integrity, overgrown roots, the potential for property damage, and more.

Remember, there is no “best” time to get a risk assessment for your trees. If you feel your trees need one, trust your gut and call an ISA-certified arborist.

Apply Horticultural Oils

Now is also the time to get a professional ISA-certified arborist to apply horticultural oils. These thin, highly-refined oils are sprayed on trees and shrubs to kill pests and their eggs. Horticultural oils control a wide range of overwintering insects including many scale insects and spider mites.

Don’t wait to get your garden and trees healthy! Trust the experts at Hansen’s Tree Service to get you the services and product you need, when you need it.

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