Hail Storm Recovery: Vital Care for Damaged Trees

Hail creates extensive wounding of bark tissues and required higher levels of reserved energy to heal. In the wake of a hail storm, trees will need a fertilizer boost. Particularly our evergreen friends, who can’t bounce back as easily as their deciduous counterparts.

Fertilize for Faster Recovery
Affected trees are in dire need of fertilizer to replenish their energy reserves for the healing process. Extensive wounding of bark tissues requires higher levels of reserved energy to heal. To aid their recovery, we recommend fertilizing affected trees.

Water and Pest Control
Ensure affected trees get plenty of supplemental water and monitor insect activity. It’s a crucial time to bolster their reserves as they work hard to heal, which may take years for the callus tissue to fully close wounds leaving them vulnerable to unwelcome guests like borers and beetles.

Get Professional Help
Want a professional tree check-up? Book a free plant or tree health inspection with our certified arborists now. We’ll complete an inspection and provide you with a report with insights and any recommendations.

Hansen’s PHC department can provide tailored treatment plans and expert guidance to combat Hail Damage. Book A PHC Inspection an Appointment.

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