Hansen’s Tree Service’s Russ Talley Receives Certification Of Master Arborist

O’Fallon, MO (March 28, 2018): Hansen’s Tree Service owes its growth and success to its commitment to employee education. With that in mind, we are extremely proud to announce that through his years of hard work and dedication, Hansen’s own Certified Arborist Russ Talley received his certification as a Master Arborist.

A Master Arborist is the highest level of arboriculture certification offered from the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and not an easy rank to achieve. In addition to passing an extensive exam, a Master Arborist must have 20 hours each of Continuing Education Units in Science, Practices, and Management and have a minimum of three to five years as an ISA certified arborist, among other criteria.

Mr. Talley first began work for Hansen’s Tree Service in 2001 and received his Certified Arborist certification in 2003. Building his knowledge and passion for trees over the years, Mr. Talley decided to “pick it up a level” and apply to become a candidate for Master Arborist. After meeting candidate criteria and sitting through hours of comprehensive testing of his professional knowledge and skill, he has earned the coveted title of Board Certified Master Arborist.

“I’m proud I was able to obtain [the certification of Master Arborist]. Not just for myself but for the company,” says Mr. Talley.

Chad Hansen, President of Hansen’s Tree Service agrees and is especially proud of Russ and his accomplishment. “Russ has always been a smart and valuable member of the Hansen team. With this new credential, it proved to the rest of the industry and our community just how good he really is. He will be one of only a handful of arborists in the state with the credential of Master Arborist and I could not be more proud!”

A Master Arborist will impact not only Hansen’s Tree Service in a meaningful way, but our local community. In becoming a Master Arborist, Russ will provide valuable resources to the community and staff, providing assistance in training and helping both residential and commercial customers make informed decisions as to their tree’s health and care.

About Hansen’s Tree Service: Hansen’s Tree Service is the only tree service company in Missouri  with two Master Arborist on staff, employs an additional 10 ISA Certified Arborists and was one of the first tree care companies in Missouri to be certified by the Tree Care Industry Association. Founded in 1988, Hansen’s is one of the most accredited tree service companies in the Saint Louis area.

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