Hit ‘Em First: Pest Prevention During Winter Produces Healthier Trees Year Round

Your trees may be asleep in the winter, but you shouldn’t be. Along with prepping your trees for winter, you should also think about tackling the threat of pests early before they become a problem for both you and your trees.

Winter is an excellent time to take preventive measures to nip pests in the bud so they do not injure your trees come spring.

Using The Right Treatment

When it comes to preventing pests, treating your trees with the right treatment will work wonders. For example, spraying dormant oil on your trees helps kills exposed insects and other pests through suffocation or by destroying their internal cells.

When treating your trees for pests, it is important to contact a professional tree service for the best results. They will help determine what treatments your trees need – if any – and apply them correctly.

Additionally, tree care professionals help ensure that only the pests are killed; you need to avoid harming beneficial insects like bees or damaging the tree itself.

Treatment Prevents The Spread Of Pests

Your trees do not exist by themselves. They live in an ecosystem of other trees and plants, and pests from one tree can affect the health and integrity of its neighbor.

By treating and preventing pests in an infested tree, you are helping ensure that the problem does not spread to surrounding trees, creating a more difficult problem to solve.

Remember, while you cannot eliminate 100% of pests from your trees, treating them early will minimize their impact come spring for healthier trees.

Keep Branches Trimmed Away From Your Home

In addition to treating your trees for pests, keeping limbs trimmed away from your home and removing dead limbs will also help keep unwanted visitors at bay.

A well-trimmed tree will also make your property even more beautiful and safe!

Protect Your Trees This Winter

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