How Do I Get Ice Off Of My Trees?

Ice coating our trees after a winter storm can be nerve-wracking; especially if a tree is close to our homes or place of business. You may be tempted to remove the ice yourself.

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Removing ice from your trees is a dangerous pursuit that should not be undertaken. Rather, assess the situation and call a professional.

Be Safe! Leave The Ice On Your Trees Alone

How Do I Get Ice Off Of My TreesThe best thing that you can do for your ice-covered trees is to leave them alone and let nature take its course. Attempting to remove the ice yourself could result in injury to both yourself, property, and the tree.

If there is snow on the tree, you can gently sweep it off with a broom if you must remove it. You must not shake the tree, as this can cause the limbs to break.

Call Your Local Utility Company

If an ice-covered tree limb or tree is touching a power line, stay away and call your local utility company. They will safely shut down the power to the affected area and work with a tree professional to remove the tree limbs.

Choose A Professional Tree Care Company

Choose a professional tree care company like Hansen’s Tree Service that will consult with you, use the right equipment, are ISA trained and certified, and insured. Hansen’s Tree Service will prune your trees back when they are needed to help prevent breakage and damage during the winter.

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