Protecting Trees On Your Property From Borers

Borers like Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), bark beetle, dogwood borer, and other species are devastating to trees when not caught and treated early. These pests burrow into your trees, causing dieback, tree death, increased woodpecker activity, and other symptoms.

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Here are a few tips of how you can protect your trees from borers for a long and healthy life:

Pick The Right Trees

“The right tree in the right place.”borers

The right trees for your property will go a long way in helping not only keep your trees and surrounding environment healthy, but may help reduce infestations in the first place.

For example, EAB attacks ash trees so it is essential to know if you have ashes on your property and if you do, if you want to keep or remove them. An ISA-certified arborist can help you identify what trees you have on your property and how to best care for them.

Get Your Trees Treated

There are some preventive and curative treatments that you can take to protect your trees from borers, including bark beetle, EAB, and other borers. If your tree’s canopy is less than 30% affected with EAB, your tree may be able to recover from the infestation. Be ready to make the decision whether you will want to treat the tree or have it removed.

Do not leave a tree to die.

Don’t Transport Infected Trees & Wood

If your trees have been infected with borers like EAB and other borers and have been removed from your property, do not transport it. This can cause the pests to spread and infect other trees, especially in the case of EAB.

Remove Dead & Dying Branches

Keeping your trees healthy is one of the best ways you can protect your trees from borers. This means removing dead and dying branches that will attract pests like borers

Call The Professionals

The best way to protect your trees from borers is to get professional care for them from an ISA-Certified arborist from Hansen’s Tree Service. We offer tree care consulting and a hassle free estimate that works around your schedule. We will come to your home to inspect your trees and advise you on the best method of care.

Take Control Of Your Tree’s Health

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