Tree Care 101: Preventative & Curative Treatments

When it comes to our trees, their health should never be overlooked. Preventative and curative tree treatments work together to keep your tree healthy and free of pests and disease.

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These treatments can consist of injection treatments as well as seasonal care performed regularly throughout the year.

Here’s what you need to know about preventative and curative treatments:

Preventative Treatments Stop Problems Before They Start

curative treatments treePreventive treatments are used to keep your trees and shrubs healthy and prevent safety concerns like falling branches or the spread of disease and pests. In addition to regular watering and mulching that you can provide, here are some of the treatments we can provide to keep your trees and shrubs healthy and beautiful.

Pruning weak limbs, or limbs that may be in the way of your home, patio, or other structures will reduce the chance for future issues. We can also inspect your trees, identify health issues, and prescribe preventive treatments like adding soil nutrition that provides nutrients your trees may need. We can also prescribe treatments that alter hormone distribution and will encourage a more robust root system. And there are many insect and disease issues that may be common on tree species in your yard.

We can prescribe preventive treatments for pests and diseases like:

Curative Treatments Treat Already Infected Trees

Curative treatments for your trees and shrubs are different from preventative treatments in that they are applied to tree that have already been infected by disease or pests. These treatments are meant to restore your tree to their previous healthy state after a proper diagnosis and prescription from one of our ISA Certified Arborists.

Contact An ISA-Certified Arborist Before Treating Your Trees

Before pruning or attempting to treat your trees yourself, contact your local ISA-certified arborist at Hansen’s Tree Service. Our arborists are trained and certified to safely treat your trees and provide you with a comprehensive, easy to understand care plan.

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