Oystershell Scale: Identify & Control

Oysters on your trees? This is not the water-dwelling creature but a pest known as oysterscale. Oysterscale, or mussel scale, resides in the family of what is known as scale insects that commonly affect trees and shrubs around the country. Up Next: What Is Not Killing Your Trees? This pest [...]

Take Action Now To Prevent Oak Wilt

Oak wilt is an aggressive fungal disease that attacks the water-conducting tissues of oak trees. This disease, caused by the pathogen Ceratocystis fagacearum, is one of the most serious diseases to affect oak trees in the United States. Up Next: 5 Common Tree Diseases & How To Protect Your Trees [...]

Keep Them Under Control: Good Caterpillars Versus Bad

Caterpillars are the larvae of either moths or butterflies and at this stage in their life, they eat. Because of this, they can cause damage to your garden and trees. But how do you know what caterpillars can be detrimental to the health of your trees? Up Next: 4 Essential [...]

How To Use Herbicides Near Trees & Shrubs

Herbicides, also known as weed killers, can be a common sight in households around the United States. Up Next: Hit ‘Em First: Pest Prevention During Winter Produces Healthier Trees Year Round When using herbicides around your trees and shrubs, use caution. Without the right knowledge and product, you can cause [...]

Managing Tree Root Diseases

Tree root diseases can be scary to deal with as a homeowner. You may be wondering if your tree can be saved, or if these diseases can spread to your other trees. Up Next: What Should I Do If My Tree Roots Are Damaged? The best way to manage tree [...]