Thanksgiving Safety Tips From Hansen’s Tree Service

Happy Thanksgiving!

With the big day practically here, many of us have already begun prepping and checking off our to-do lists. We have everything from the traditional turkey to making sure that there are clean sheets in the guest room.

But have you remembered your safety checklist?

Check Your Smoke Detectorsholiday safety tips

If you aren’t already doing this regularly, be sure to check your smoke detectors before the big day. Testing to make sure that they are working will give you peace of mind in case of an emergency and testing is easy. Press and hold the test button and if the resulting alarm is weak or nonexistent, replace the batteries.

Stay In The Kitchen While Cooking

Thanksgiving Day, fire departments estimate that they respond to over 1,000 cooking fires with the top cause being unattended cooking.

In the case of a stove fire cover the flames with a metal lid or cookie sheet, turn off the heat, and leave the cover on until it has completely cooled. For smaller, manageable fires you can pour salt on the flames to smother them. Do not use flour as it can catch fire, making an already dangerous situation worse.

For larger flames, you can use a fire extinguisher. Always have 911 on hand to call just in case.

So stay by your cooking this Thanksgiving!

Get Your Trees Pruned & Inspected

Before celebrating outdoors, get your trees inspected and pruned to remove dead or dying branches that can pose a safety hazard. An ISA-Certified arborist from Hansen’s Tree Service will come out to your place on your time to inspect your trees and give you their recommendation.

If you notice that your tree has broken limbs or limbs close to power lines, do not walk under hanging limbs or attempt to remove them yourself.

Practice Good Hygiene Both Inside The Kitchen & Out

Good kitchen hygiene is critical in keeping celebrators safe from foodborne illnesses. This means keeping hands washed and preventing cross contamination by using separate cutting boards and utensils for raw meats and veggies. Make sure that all foods are heated to the correct temperature to prevent illness.

Outside of the kitchen, keep disposable tissues and hand sanitizer on hand encourage guests to use them. If you or a guest is feeling sick, stay home.

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