Is It Too Late To Prune My Oak Trees?

Oaks are a popular tree around the country, as they provide habitats for many native species, beautiful fall colors, longevity, and shade. Pruning is an essential tree service that keeps your trees, and your property, safe. Oaks also benefit from the removal of dead or weak branches so they can re-distribute energy to healthier parts of the tree and essential services like preventing insects and disease.

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If you are worried about getting your oaks pruned on time, rest assured that it is not too late to get them pruned by a professional.

Avoid Pruning Your Oaks Mid-March Through June

Oak wilt is a real threat to oaks that quickly spreads from tree to tree. This fungal disease attacks oak trees, causing leaf browning, branch dieback, and overall tree decline. There is no control for oak wilt, so early detection and good tree care is essential.

The fungus can spread through red oak, pin oak, black oak and shingle and cause their decline and death in one season.  Oaks such as white oak, bur oak, and post oak are susceptible but the disease may take years to kill the tree.

Oaks are more susceptible to infection from mid-March through June as this is the season when boring insects are active and are attracted to fresh wounds. While the likelihood of infection is low unless there have been other oak wilt infected trees nearby, a delay in pruning might be the best course.

All An ISA-Certified Arborist If There Is A Risk Of Limb Breakage

Some jobs don’t have the luxury of a delay or perfect timing, but knowledge is key when making these decisions.  If your oaks are in danger of breakage after a storm or if dead or weak limbs are present, it is important that you call your local ISA-certified arborist to get them inspected. Getting them pruned to remove dangerous limbs will not only help save the tree, but it could potentially save you being held liable in case of injuries or damage.

Call a professional if your tree limbs are:

  • Broken and hanging
  • Close to your home or power lines
  • Haven’t been pruned before

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