Take Advantage Of Hansen’s Green Waste Recycling This Year

Are you still holding on to those branches from the latest winter weather in your yard? Not sure what to do with your live Christmas tree? You feel bad about putting it in the trash, but surely there’s something better you can do with it?

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There is!

Take it to one of Hansen’s green waste recycling drop-off points!

We Turn Your Green Waste Into 100% Organic ProductsHansen's recycling

At Hansen’s Tree Service, our goal is always to leave your property better than it was before! This means always cleaning up after ourselves. After a job is done, we promise to take your green waste and turn it into 100% organic products like mulch and compost. These products help suppress weeds, manage water, and add nutrients back into the soil.

Keep Green Waste Out Of Landfills

Green waste in landfills is a problem in our country because that’s a lot of natural material that could have been reused and its nutrients put back into the environment. It’s also expensive to haul that waste to landfills in other states, as Missouri has “no yard waste allowed” laws.

While we have succeeded in keeping excess green waste out of landfills, the lack of local recycling programs makes it difficult for some communities to do their part.

Create Greener Communities

With green waste recycling programs, we can help create greener communities by reducing greenhouse emissions from waste trucks, improving property value by removing dead, dying, or otherwise dangerous trees, and building community green spaces.

Make Your Communities Greener

Recycle Your Green Waste With Hansen’s Tree Service

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