5 Ways To Celebrate Arbor Day From Home

Arbor Day is upon us, and that means giving a toast to trees! These essential, complex organisms matter to the health of not only the planet but us: cleaner air, reduced temperatures, increased home value, and habitats for wildlife.

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This Arbor Day, celebrate trees and all they stand for with these five environmentally friendly ideas:

Arbor Day at home1.  Order Trees From The Missouri Department Of Conservation

Order native tree saplings from the Missouri Department of Conservation to plant in your yard in celebration of Arbor Day. Native trees like red oak and flowering dogwood are easy to care for and offer great shade and blooms.

Remember to plant the right tree in the right location! Check for utility lines before planting to prevent damage to essential systems like sewage and electrical—Call 1-800-344-7483 (800-DIG-RITE) before you dig.

2. Listen To A Podcast

There are many great educational podcasts available about trees and their care. Podcasts are an easy way to learn something new while at home or on the go. The ISA has many podcast recommendations available for both professional arborists and listeners like you who want to learn more about trees and their care.

3. Read A Book About Trees

Reading a book is a fun way to celebrate Arbor Day at home with the family. Kids and adults alike will enjoy books about trees such as The Giving Tree, The Forever Tree, and Kate, Who Tamed the Wind. There are lots of books about trees available for all ages to enjoy. If you cannot get to the library, many books are available via e-readers.  If you’re looking for reading material about tree care, check out ISA companion site for tree owners, Trees Are Good.

4. Hold A Virtual Arbor Day Party

Because of social distancing, holding traditional Arbor Day celebrations in the park has been put on hold. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t celebrate! Hold a virtual Arbor Day party via video chat on your platform of choice, be it Zoom, Discord, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts.

Get creative in your calls by inviting everyone to make their favorite drink or snack, wear a hat, and bring their favorite book about trees to read!

5. Spoil Your Trees With Hansen’s Organic Mulch

There’s no better way to spoil your trees than with a new layer of nutrient-rich organic mulch. If you’re stuck at home with a lot of gardening on your hands, let Hansen’s make it easier. We offer online ordering and delivery, so you do not have to lift a finger or leave your home. Hansen’s organic mulch is safe for family and pets, beneficial to the health of your trees and the environment, and prevents weed growth.


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