Can you plant a tree where another was removed?

Be it from damage or disease, sometimes a tree needs to be removed. Dead and drying trees not only invite pests and diseases but can potentially fall and cause personal or property damage.

After removing the tree, can you plant another tree where it was? You can, but it’s typically not advised. The reason being:

The new tree may not have room to growGreen grass and wooden stump in the yard

When you remove a tree and grind down the stump, the tree’s root system is still in the ground. Root systems can extend out 2-3 times the dripline (the area located directly under the circumference of the tree branches. By planting a new tree right where the old one was, the new tree may need more room to grow and establish a new root system.

The new tree could suffer from replant disease

In addition to not being able to establish a root system, a new tree could suffer from something called replant disease. Replant disease is caused by lingering soil bacteria, which stunt growth and can kill new plants—especially if the tree was removed due to illness.

Plant the new tree adjacent to the old one

If you wish to put in a new tree where another was removed, plant it adjacent and at least three feet away. Preferably, choose a native tree suited to your area and soil type. Dig a hole twice the size of the sapling’s root base and fill the hole with high-quality soil, and then add a layer of organic mulch. Thoroughly water the sapling to avoid transplant shock.

Call the ISA-Certified professional arborists at Hansen’s Tree Service

Regarding tree removal, contact the professional at Hansen’s Tree Service. We have extensive knowledge of safe removal methods, the right equipment, and insurance to keep everyone safe. We will always verify any underground public utilities before grinding.

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